What makes BBO different?
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You have the opporturnity.

Now learn the skills.

BizBasics Online teaches you the skills to build your business acumen and succeed in your business endeavors.

Be More Effective

Learn the skills to run your business more effectively. Gain the confidence to manage the business side of your business. Stop spending time trying to interpret your business financials.

Make Better Financial Decisions

Learn how to make better fiancial decisions involving operating processes and analysis of capital purchases.  Don’t know what that means?  Well, then you need BBO!

Become a Leader

Learn how to lead a group and prepare for the transition from frontline positions to leadership roles. Learn how to lead a team in making wise, educated decisions. Be the leader people love and admire.

Master Quantitative Skills

Not a “numbers” person?  Develop key quantitative (the stuff you use numbers for) skills – even if you are a non-quantitative thinker!

Learn The "Meat" of an MBA

Say goodbye to all the “filler” of a MBA program the professors love to teach. Learn the skills and concepts you can use in your everyday work life (and personal life).

Interactive Learning

Don’t just sit at your computer listening to a professor drone on and on.  BBO is an interactive experience to help you retain more information.

Practice Examples

Make sure you have mastered the concepts discussed with practice examples, problems, and quizes to test your knowledge.

Real-Life Insights

Learn from real-life examples in what we call “BBO Insights”.  Based on decades of experience, these BBO Insights instill a practical flavor to BBO.

Over 5,000 people!

BizBasicsOnline.com is based on the popular Biz Bucks live training courses from consultant, author, and teacher Bob Llewellyn. Since 1996, Bob has taught Biz Bucks principles to over 5,000 people internationally.  Bob is known as “The Biz Bucks Guy”.

Now you have the opporturnity to learn these concepts from Bob in the comfort of your own home or office.

WHat Makes BBO Different?

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