WSJ 18 November 2017 “Germany’s Green Energy Meltdown” (editorial)

How would you like to pay three times your current price of electricity?

In this insightful editorial, the WSJ opinion board has aptly summarized the results of wild-eyed environmentalism. “Save the planet at ALL COST!” is their mantra. See the results of this unbalanced approach to energy and the environment. Germany is held up by the radical left as the great example of adopting important strategies for renewables.

The Biz Bucks Guy, along with Mrs. Biz Bucks, bussed from Warnemunde on the Baltic coast down to Berlin and saw wind turbines, maybe a thousand or more. Most were quiet. Maybe the wind did not cooperate that day? Maybe the cows didn’t need the electricity? You see there is very little industry in northern Germany where the wind blows. They now are constructing long, very long and very expensive transmission lines to bring the power down to the industrial centers in the South. That is when the wind is blowing.

To offset the intermittency of renewables, Germany is now building coal plants for backup. Wow! That will really save us from global climate problems. I guess the left really doesn’t believe in carbon being “of the devil” after all. At least Angela Merkel apparently rejects that notion now.

Because of her misguided energy policies, German families and businesses pay 36 cents per kilowatt-hour for their giggling electrons, compared to the US average of about 13 cents per kilowatt-hour. Yep, that’s about three times greater!

We better make informed decisions about energy and the environment or we may experience the same results.

Originally published November 22, 2017 by Robert Llewellyn