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Online courses teaching a better way to make wise business decisions using the useful concepts taught in a traditional MBA curriculum and the BizBasics Online Decision-Making tool.

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Only eight courses

Each course takes four to six hours to complete

Save valuable time compared to college classes


Save $1000s compared to college tuition

Pay-as-you-go, only when ready

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Master basic quantitative tools of business

Learn the BizBasics Online (BBO) Decision Making Methodology©

Comprehend business lingo

the S.A.F.E. Subjects 

The SAFE subjects are the four quantitative subjects in business: Statistics, Accounting, Finance & Economics.

Learning the quantitative S.A.F.E. subjects allows you to make informed decisions for your company, department or business.

Stop Second-guessing your business decisions

Learn the S.A.F.E. skills.  

Apply The BBO Decision Making Methodology.  

Become confident in your decisions.  

Succeed in business.

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Accounting 1

  • Income Statements
  • Depreciation and Decision Making
  • Balance Sheets
  • Statements of Cash Flow

Accounting 2

  • Financial Ratios
  • Four Key Pairs of Words To Improve Communication
  • Cost of Capital
  • Leverage

Finance 1

  • Value Creation
  • Four Cornerstones of Decision Making
  • Cash Flow Diagramming

Finance 2

  • Time Value of Money
  • Practical Tools and Tips
  • Stock Price Valuation

Statistics 1

  • Basic Statistical Concepts
  • Business Process Improvement Tools


  • Supply and Demand Basics
  • More S&D Principles
  • Markets—Perfect & Imperfect

Statistics 2

  • Decision Tree Basics
  • More Complex Trees
  • Handling Intangibles with Decision Trees
BBO 8 Courses

Capstone Case

  • Putting It All Together with an Integrating Business Case
  • Applying the BBO Decision Making Methodology©

Do You Understand Accounting Reports?

You have seen them, and you may have even read them, but do you know what they are telling you? In BBO, you get a firm understanding of business financial reports and what they say about your business.


How Do You Handle Risk In Decision Making?

Risk is the buzzword you hear all the time, but do you know how to analyze risk in the business decisions you are making?  With the BBO courses, you will learn to handle the financial risk involved in business decisions.


Are You Ever Confused By Biz Terms & Jargon?

Your boss is talking, but you are totally confused with the terms he or she is using. That is very common in business, especially if you don’t have a business background! Learn all about the confusing jargon and terminology used in business through a visit to what we call the business word swamp.


How Do Time & Money Factor Into Your Decsions?

Time and Money are two important factors in any business decision.  Understanding how they work together for you – or against you – can make or break your decisions.  Learn how money is valued over time and how it can impact your business decisions.


How Can Uncertainties Be Factored Into Your Decsion?

How do you make an informed decision when there are so many uncertain factors? Learn how to factor uncertainties into your decision with the BBO Decision Making Methodology©.

Can You Balance Financial & Intangible Factors?

In decision-making, you have financial justifications, but there are also intangible factors.  Learn a proven method for analyzing and balancing both financial and intangible considerations.

What BBO Alumni Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let some BizBasics Online alumni do the talking!

“Biz Basics Online (BBO) provides all of the necessary working knowledge needed by today’s professionals without the need to invest thousands of dollars or years of time. I would recommend BBO to anyone looking to improve their decision making and critical thinking skills.”

Dr. Yvonne Perot

“BBO provides a flexible on-line format with real world situations that I began to use immediately. The lessons and spreadsheets were user friendly, easy to download and follow along with. Instructions were clear and I especially liked the “Check Your Understanding” as it tested my knowledge on what was just taught. This was a course with many “oh yeah”, “A-ha!”, and “I didn’t know that but should have” lessons. I would recommend BBO to everyone, regardless if you’re an owner, employee, student, or stay at home parent.”

Tayna Fischbeck

Small Business Owner, G3 Glass Granite Group

“BizBasics Online is a great course. The online format allowed me to complete the course work when it was convenient for me. It also enabled me to take the course at my pace. I was able to study the parts that were new to me and breeze through those that were a refresher.”

Don S.

Power Generation Industry

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